Of course we all love cake. Craving sugary foods is natural as the most selfish of our organs, the brain, needs it to function and therefore manipulates us into wanting more and more sweet things. But like all things in life, a complete abstinence and forced cutting out what we want most, makes us want even more.

The best way is to enjoy in moderation. And when I say enjoy, I really mean enjoy. Make sure you take your time to eat and charish each bite.

Sugar in its rafinated form was developed by the food industry to serve us with the energy we need fo function more efficient. I truely believe there was no harm in mind when it was developed, so we should be thankful for it. The only problem is, that we now have more sugar available and to a price that allows us to buy bulk amounts that makes it available to us at anytime.

We should go back to enjoying sugar on rare occasions and in moderation. My food is 100% clean with no added sugars or any other processed foods. But cakes do call for sweetness and I will not substitute too much. So enjoy in moderation, but make sure you enjoy!