What does a good pizza need? A base, a sauce and cheese.


I always have thin and crispy German pizza (Flammkuchen) dough in the freezer for emergencies. The dough keeps for ages and I can take it out and top it with whatever I want. Et voila dinner is served in less than 15 mins. and with the least effort you can imagine.

So the base is sorted, now what you need is the sauce. Most people swear by tomato sauce and cannot imagine there could be a pizza without. But have you ever made your own tomato sauce? It takes ages to cook and the ready made ones are packed with sugar and who knows what else. My favourite sauce is pesto. You can make it in a few minutes, the ingredients are raw and therefore keep the healthy vitamins as the green stuff is seriously healthy. I always make a jar full of pesto and keep it in the fridge for a few days. It can be used on pasta, as a base for pizza or even as dip or a bread spread.

Broccoli Pesto Recipe

My simple broccoli pesto recipe even has hidden goodness because you have smuggeled in the healthy green vegetable broccoli without it being too obvious or dominent in your meal.

Now all you need to add is cheese and …


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