Who doesn’t love pasta? I am sure hardly anyone rises their hand right now. But have you ever tried the German pasta Spätzle? It is basically eggs and flour and super easy to make your own. I usually buy it as there is no point making fresh pasta for just one person…I should though. And maybe I will. Would you be interested in the recipe?

For now, here is the recipe with ready made Spätzle:


Serves two and please add a salad on the side as the dish is kind of heavy

300 g fresh Spätzle

200 g mushrooms

200 ml half fat cream

20 g Parmesan

Bruschetta spice mix or simply salt and pepper

Clean and cut mushrooms into four. Fry in a pan and flavour with bruschetta spice mix or salt and pepper.

Take the mushrooms out of the panhandle then fry the Spätzle.

Add the mushrooms, cream and Parmesan.

Heat up for a little bit. Then serve with a side salad and …


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