So spring is finally happening. No more snow, no more freezing cold temperatures and the best thing: the start of beautiful flowers and enjoying lunches sitting outside!

To embrace the beautiful colours that nature is about to pop out, I decided to give fresh turmeric a try. Have you ever used it for cooking? I have not. So let’s see what it will be like.

When I spotted the little root at the supermarket I must say I was not impressed. It looks more like a fat worm then a healthy root.

But grating it finely made it reveal its beautiful orange colour. Was I supposed to peel it first? I only washed it. Probably a good idea because peeling it would have meant touching it and the colour does stain your fingers a bit. Therefore I would recommend not to peel it first.


Serves 4

10 cm fresh turmeric root

1 puff pastry (ca. 200 g)

4 eggs

250 g cream

100 g baby carrots (or carrot sticks)

100 g green asparagus

Salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 200 degrees.

Grate turmeric and mix with eggs, cream, salt and pepper.

Place puff pastry in a cake form, cut to shape if needed and pierce with a folk.

Arrange asparagus and carrots on the pastry and cover with the egg turmeric mix.

Then off it goes into the oven for about 20-23 mins.

Cut into four pieces, place on plates and…


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